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When life itself and beliefs systems no longer offer great challenges and learning or have simply exceeded the limit of pain and suffering's tolerance then there is:
A tour into the unknown, into what we cease -by Cosmic Purpose- to recognize. It include the ability to heal your-self.
A personalized tour that leads you not only to a state of higher consciousness -where your own inner Self is your best Guide- but also shows you that you can choose to keep your physical body healthy and in harmony for so long, without limits as you want, consciously – yes at will. How long do you want to keep the body and when will arise that need or that desire? The answer lies in what I stated in the first paragraph.
The best scenery for that tour, is definitely your own Heart. However, South America for what existed in very ancient times and now is manifested, it is offered as a privileged place for the awakening of the feminine or female energy and therefore for the development of intuition, crucial for inner guidance. More potent even if we add the Lake Titicaca as an aquatic stage, essential for two main reasons: our body that is 70% water would be not only in its natural environment but raised to 12,500 feet height!

Notes: Relevance of female energy. For hundreds of thousands of years we have been using, to the extreme, the male (positive) energy, hence the need to focus now -even to the extreme- into the feminine (negative) energy in order to achieve balance or equilibrium on the Polarity Game.
Highest Lakes. There are in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and of course in the Himalayas, higher lakes than Titicaca but regardless that none is suitable for large ships, nether lake or place has the masculine and feminine energy in perfect balance as offers Lake Titicaca.

Positive vs Negative

Why take this opportunity, this encounter...
Two things can encourage you to change your current life or your belief system:
  • Positive things – to follow an unknown path toward the incredible and the invisible, toward the inevitable life. It is a path that the 'superior' Beings have already walked and I also have dis-covered.
  • Negative things – illness, accidents, aging, personal and global conflicts and common suffering. All those eventually will lead you to the inevitable death.
Both are acceptable, they are part of a Cosmic Plan/Game. One or the other will eventually lead you to the same goal (it's the Polarity Game), the difference is about time and the sensations experienced but it is much more fun or happiness if done consciously.
My Soul and my Being -that particle of myself that seems to be somewhere outside in the space and time far from me-, made me see through suffering and above all by the sacrifice of many apparent lives that since we are playing a Game where the energy or the Light seems to manifest in Matter, it is therefore possible to change at will the manifestation of such matter - our body, by only dis-cover the conditions and rules of the Game.
On this trip we will experience healing ideas and techniques, with which I have learned to keep my body healthy and in harmony without need of medication nor diet or indispensable exercises. I said without the need but also without fanaticism, so using all of them and whatever convenient.

In fact we do not have the itinerary because we consider that this tour is handled perfectly by Pancho, who after 25 years has come to know himself. And of course it will help you to understand many mysteries of your own life.

  • We will pick you up from the hotel where you are staying.
  • We transfer you to the main port to take our boat and leave for one of the islands of lake.
  • We are going to explore the floating islands, I will tell you its history, its customs, etc.
  • The journey continues to the next island in the middle of the lake.
  • Pancho our expert guide on this topic knows exactly how the tour will continue.
  • Upon returning to the city of Puno, we transfer you to your hotel.


  • Take a small backpack for two or three days.
  • Sunscreen. (high SPF), sunglasses, Hat.
  • Water some snacks. (you can buy on the islands)
  • Good Jackets. (Bring light ones too)
  • Toilet Paper.
  • Shoes to walk.
  • Torches for the night.
  • Presents for the family where are you staying(Optional)
  • Some extra money for your beverage and souvenirs.


Shared transport$ 90.00 p/ personprivate guide
2 - 3 People $ 200.00 p/ person Private Service
4 - 5 People $ 185.00 p/ person Private Service
6 - up People $ 150.00 p/ person Private Service

Note: Private tour means that the transfer, the motor boat, the specialized guide, etc. Are totally for you. Not shared with anyone!


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  1. migueltitikaka

    There is much more than material in this world, there are things that are known but an is not understood, it is one of the tours that everyone should do, totally worth it. Thank you pancho and the agency andestitikaka you are a good team!

    Yesica stony C – California U.S.

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